OceanaGold continues to look at safe, innovative ways to extract vital mineral resources, whilst also minimizing their environmental footprint. Recognizing the sensitivities associated with the mining in the Wharekirauponga area was a major factor in determining that transparent communication to all stakeholders, and especially the local Waihi community, was a major priority.


This visualization articulates the key steps taken to ensure minimal land disturbance and clear direction of post-closure rehabilitation once mining activities cease. The dynamic benefits of these proposed projects stand to create several hundred additional jobs in the region and produce billions of dollars of exports over the coming years. This will continue to support Waihi and the region’s development, as gold and silver mining has done for over 100 years.​

In collaboration with OceanaGold, this video was developed to clearly inform all stakeholders about the project, upon which meaningful feedback can be received in a way that encourages open, honest, and transparent dialogue about the future expansion of Waihi North mining.



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