About us:

For over 25 years, Truescape has partnered with some of the biggest names in the commercial world. Our diverse team brings a unique set of background and skill-sets together, in a process of gaining a deep understanding and applying creative thinking to deliver our clients smart, compelling imagery, videos and interactive tools that help them communicate their strategy, vision and goals to stakeholders. Due to growth, we are seeking a Senior Project Manager to be based within our Christchurch team.

The purpose of the position:

Truescape seeks to develop high value relationships with our extensive network of clients.

The senior Project Managers role is to establish and maintain professional relationships that engage with our clients pro-actively, ensuring relevant solutions are developed and delivered.

This role also supports the business development activities that are undertaken within the senior management team and requires the Senior Project Manager to have an extensive understanding of the products and services that Truescape can offer potential clients.

To achieve outstanding results, the Senior Project Manager needs to work within the management team and the other Senior Project Managers to manage the shared resources within the wider production team.

The success of Truescape is driven by its staff’s capability and commitment to deliver high value solutions to clients.  The role of the Senior Project Manager is to maintain this culture and ensure that the environment is a collaborative and open, while managing the deliverables Truescape has committed to.

The resulting projects will be delivered on time, to budget, and meeting the client’s requirements as well as Truescape’s high quality standards.

Position value:

  • You are part of a team that delivers on our growth strategies. Your role delivers project management expertise to the Truescape team that supports the sustained growth of our client base through meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

  • This is a crucial role within the management team as it translates our client’s expectations into a high value product by getting to understand their business needs and processes. This will support  BD growth aspirations.

  • Relationships are the key to unlocking both the day to day and strategic value opportunities by developing and maintaining great professional relationships.

  • As a Senior Project Manager, you are working with both the client and the production team in a collaborative manner that ensures that everyone clearly understands both the outcomes, inputs, and their responsibilities to deliver a successful project. 

  • The development aspect of this role is to ensure that we are innovating and developing effective and value adding products and services that support Truescape’s strategic growth aspirations and our broad range of client requirements.

Position accountabilities – Production and Business Development:

As a Senior Project Manager, you are expected to:

  • Demonstrate great relationship (internal and external) skills that:
    • Strengthen ongoing relationships.
    • Build trust and respect.
    • Create an open and honest environment.
    • Shift client relationships beyond the transactional environment
    • Support the development of robust professional relationships.
  • Be able to work in a collaborative and responsive manner with:
    • Clients
    • Senior management team
    • Production team (US and NZ)
    • Other consultants
  • Undertake meetings with clients to:
    • Establish and define their objectives.
    • Provide updates and to gain feedback on project progress.
    • To explore additional business development opportunities
    • Manage variations and scope changes.
    • Undertake post project reviews.
    • To maintain and build on existing relationships.
  • Develop and deliver proposals to potential and existing clients by understanding:
    • The client’s needs and expectations
    • The resources it will take to deliver a project that meets their needs.
    • The cost to deliver the project.
    • The time that it will take to deliver that project.
    • The data and information required by Truescape to deliver the project.
    • The value proposition to Truescape
  • Deliver projects to our clients that:
    • Meet or exceed our client’s needs and expectations.
    • Ensure that we have the resources to achieve the project objectives.
    • Are delivered within the budgeted amount.t
    • Are delivered on time.
    • Include managing any variables, variations or scope changes.
    • Ensure all client documentation requirements are met.
  • Undertake the following core project manager tasks:
    • Manage your Salesforce dashboard.
    • Monthly invoicing
    • International travel as required.
    • Need to work across international timelines (outside of N.Z. business hours)
    • Keep all documentation up to date and filed.
    • Collaboratively work with the other PMs on resource sharing.
    • Ensure that the appropriate internal signoffs have been completed.
    • Ensure that the appropriate QA has been undertaken.
    • Assess and look for efficiency gains in production processes.


  • Understand the project dynamics of quality, cost, and time.


  • Be actively involved with Research and Development initiatives that could include:
    • Taking on specific R&D projects
    • Researching and providing feedback to the respective interested team members
    • Collaboratively working with the production team to ensure that the R&D project is undertaken in a manner to maximise the outcome.
    • Managing the documentation and providing appropriate feedback to the senior management team
    • Transition the R&D project into a viable Truescape product that can be sold to clients.
    • Develop innovative options that can deliver high value products and tools that enhance Truescape’s value to our clients.
  • Be actively engaged with the production team to:
    • Direct and manage project specific tasks.
    • Mentor staff
    • Raise awareness of the balance between commercial reality and creativity.
    • Assist in raising the production team’s capability.
    • Provide training advice and instruction on an as required basis.
    • Provide an environment that encourages creativity and openness.
    • In conjunction with the VP Production approve and manage overtime commitments
    • Provide feedback to the VP Production on staff training requirements.
  • Support business development initiatives that may involve:
    • Domestic and international travel
    • Meeting with new clients
    • Supporting the business development team
    • Clearly articulating the products and services that Truescape offers
    • Developing your own key accounts and relationships that support BD growth initiatives.
  • Continuously look to:
    • Challenge and improve upon personal knowledge, skills, and abilities.
    • Take personal ownership and accountability for all project-based initiatives within the business.
    • Maintain a high level of credibility, integrity, and trust in all your activities.
    • Provide a safe working environment and commit to a goal of zero harm.
    • Contribute to the delivery of Truescape’s business strategy from both a business development and production perspective.
    • Ensure that consultants and other partnering organisations are managed in a way that creates mutual respect and identify and realise opportunities to improve team and group performance.


  • Assist the senior management team with other tasks as they arise.

Core Skills:

  • Team Leadership
  • Skilled in the world of 3D Visualisation and preferably 5 years relevant industry experience.
  • Experience using 3D software, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Storyboard Creation and implementation
  • Preparing project scopes and budgets.
  • Project Management Skills
  • Client Relationship Management.

Culture & benefits:

  • Innovative, forward thinking organisation. Friendly, collaborative team environment.
  • Spacious open plan office in a great location, central to amenities such as public transport, shops and gyms.
  • Competitive remuneration.

How to apply:

If you have the right attitude, experience and technical skills along with the desire to work on local and international projects alongside likeminded people who are passionate about their work then we want to hear from you! Click Apply Now!


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