Interactive tool that provides consistent messaging.

The Rio Tinto Energy and Minerals Group portfolio includes a diverse range of mining, refining, and marketing operations that all require complex and sustainable engineering, with long-term planning.

The modification to the Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) South consent to mine deeper seams of coal and increase the height of the overburden emplacement, required multiple levels of consultative discussions with stakeholders who often had minimal mining exposure, through to those who were seasoned mining professionals.

Even though the proposed modification was within the mines existing footprint and utilized the same mining methods, it was important to Rio Tinto that any discussions pertaining to the modification were supported with fact-based visuals that accurately explained, not only the mine staging through the planned 12 year development cycle, but also the context in which the mine will exist.

The interactive tool developed by Truescape in 2016, played a pivotal role in accurately depicting how the landform would change, from the early mining in late 2016 through to the final landform modification in 2018.

Furthermore, the tool provided a platform for consistent, accurate messaging to be deployed throughout the organization.

Rio Tinto

HVO South Revised Mine Plan

Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Interactive Tools


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