Nicole Masek Ph.D.

VP Technical Learning Solutions

Originally from Los Angeles and now based in Denver, Colorado, Nicole joins Truescape as the newly appointed VP of Technical Learning Solutions. She joins us with a wealth of experience, starting her career in the classroom, first with younger children and then at university. When her and her family moved to Colorado in 2017, Nicole oversaw the education program of a private school system with 43 schools in the US. Afterwards, she started consulting for the mining industry, guiding the development of learning for all level employees in the Safety and Sustainable Development sectors.

“As VP of Technical Learning Solutions, I take complex technical information from the client and translate it into tangible learning or meaningful visualizations. I listen and liaise on behalf of clients so our production team can deliver on their expectations… or beyond”

When not at work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband Stan and two sons. They are an active family who love to mountain bike, snowboard, hike, and other outdoorsy stuff. When she has a little time to herself, Nicole enjoys woodworking, painting, and sketching.

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