As the Truescape team is expanding to keep up with the increased workload, we sat down with some of our new team members; Simon Henshall, Amber Li and Katy Fretwell, to get their thoughts after the first couple of months as part of the team.


How does Truescape compare to previous roles you’ve undertaken?

Simon: Happy to report that I’m finding Truescape *significantly* better than my last roles.
The staff are so friendly, the location is great, the work itself is far more enjoyable 😊

Amber: Truescape shows its dedication to visualization and has a high reputation with an excellent track record in the industry. For the past few months, I’ve worked as part of a team that is collaborative, hardworking, and resourceful.

Katy: It’s a great team with some awesome projects, and everyone is very collaborative which makes it enjoyable. Relocating from Auckland to Christchurch was made so much easier when the team is very friendly.

Is there anything you struggled with when you first started? How did you overcome it?

Simon: In terms of ‘struggles’, the development team has an increased workload of late… but I think this is a good problem to have, and a great opportunity to expand the team. We’re overcoming this by adding automated deployments to keep systems and software up to date.

Amber: We’re incredibly busy, but I’m consistently impressed with the innovation and development made in the space. I also appreciate that everyone takes a collaborative and proactive approach to each project.

Katy: We’re very busy, so wrapping my head around all the incredible services we offer our clients, was a little struggle at the beginning. With everyone being so willing and keen to help, understanding the extent of our projects didn’t take long at all.

Best things about working here? Pieces of advice?

Simon: I think the best thing about working at Truescape, in my opinion; the management’s treatment of staff. Suggestions are taken onboard, there’s flexibility around interests, and everyone is so friendly and supportive. I’ve worked at several places where employees were treated like second-class citizens, and I legitimately didn’t realise how bad it was until I was working somewhere where management really cares. It makes such a change!

Amber: I love the flexibility and diverse culture here. I believe the best thing about Truescape is that you can not only expand your skills, but you also get to work with awesome people to achieve a common goal. It’s really motivating!

Katy: Everyone is incredibly innovative and always looking for new ways to do things. Working with a creative team makes you feel extremely motivated to try something new.


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